"Floor-to-Ceiling" Combo Solution for Hydrotherapy Clinics (Save 10%!)

"Floor-to-Ceiling" Combo Solution for Hydrotherapy Clinics (Save 10%!)

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"From floor to ceiling, furniture and fixtures, inside and out."

When used as directed, One-Step Disinfectant by Splish Splash is effective against hundreds of dangerous bacteria and viruses found on hard non-porous surfaces, including the virus that causes COVID-19. 

One Gallon concentrate yields an economical 128 gallons of disinfectant per gallon, suitable for larger jobs like mopping and disinfecting floors and walls.

Combo Pack yields 128 refills of included one quart trigger spray bottle to economically clean and disinfect fixtures and equipment, furniture and mirrors.


Get the Most from Your 
Splish Splash Investment

    Clean and Disinfect the 
    Hydrotherapy System Surround

      1. In a gallon of water, dilute 1 oz. One-Step, or
      2. In a one-quart spray bottle, add ¼ oz. One-Step to water
      3. Sponge or spray on, wait 10 minutes and wipe dry


    For the Ultimate Care of your Clinic's Bathroom

    To disinfect floors and walls, dilute 1 oz. One-Step in a gallon of water.  To clean sinks, tables and fixtures, add ¼ oz. One-Step to water in a one-quart spray bottle.  Mop on or spray, wait 10 minutes and wipe dry.


        One-Step Disinfectants
        for the Beauty, Health, Fitness and Hydrotherapy Industries

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        EPA Registered. Registered in all
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