Why Buy From Us

1. Orders processed within 24 hours and received within two days anywhere in the continental U.S.
2. Low-Cost Shipping to every address in the continental U.S.
3. Replace expensive cleaners and disinfectants with a single economical product
4. With 128:1 dilution factor, One-Step Disinfectant cost per gallon = 43¢
5. Widely used for pedicure basin disinfection between customers
6. Systematically deep clean pedicure spa chairs and basins weekly and monthly
7. Safe on expensive furniture, fixtures, equipment and all other hard non-porous surfaces
8. Clear and odorless
9. No rinsing required, leaves no film behind
10. Does not stain or discolor
11. EPA registered product, including EPA List-N for disinfectants that "kill all strains of the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) when used according to label directions."
12. Registered in all 50 States.