Fact Sheet
Hot Tub and Spa
Jet & Pipe System Cleaner 

Make your Hot Tub a SAFE TUB with Splish Splash, the one-of-a-kind product that deep cleans and deodorizes the jets and piping system within the walls of your hot tub.

Splish Splash Hot Tub & Spa System Cleaner is designed to be used when draining the hot tub, a requirement for maintaining a clean and properly long operating hot tub and spa.

The power of this product is in its two stage process:

First, it neutralizes the iron and minerals found in most water, which impedes the effectiveness of other cleaning agents.

Then our proprietary combination of cleaning agents thoroughly scrubs the jets and piping system, washes away the bad stuff and leaves the system flowing smoothly and smelling fresh.

No other product does it like Splish Splash!

EPA Registered Salon Disinfectant comes in gallons and one-quart combo packs

Available: 1, 2 and 4 gallon cases.
Yields: 2 cleaning applications per gallon (64 oz. each).
FREE shipping on cases of 2- and 4-gallons.

Available in One Gallon packaging, each gallon yields two 64 oz. cleaning applications. Splish Splash Hot Tub Cleaner complies with hot tub manufacturer requirements for draining the hot tub minimally four times a year.

"We've enjoyed our hot tub for six years now, use it every month in the year (Yes, even during the Illinois winters!) and Splish Splash has proven itself a faithful friend, keeping it running smooth, clear and smelling nice!"

Sarah D. - Illinois