Customer Reviews

"I have a very busy salon and this product is multipurpose, which saves me time and money. My employees love it because it really cleans well and there is very low odor. It is MUCH better than other one-step products. Splish Splash is a keeper!”

S.F., Salon Owner/Operator


"After testing Splish Splash... we are very confident it's a real winner. And, as an added bonus, it's less expensive than others on the market. (NO offensive smell either!) … and it has other uses within the salon. It is highly concentrated and a little goes a long way. Needless to say, Continuum strongly recommends Splish Splash One-Step Disinfectant as the product of choice when disinfecting our pedicure chairs. In my humble opinion, Splish Splash will become the most widely used product on the market for taking care of pedicure chair basins."

Joe Galati, President & CEO, Continuum Corp.


“Splish Splash is easily the best thing I've used to clean our whirlpool at home. After two cleanings I have had no issues with black dirt, mold, etc. Easy to use and it did a great job. Highly recommended for anyone with a whirlpool bathtub at home.”

David C., Las Vegas, Nevada


"I just wanted to let you know that we had a roof leak last week at Waterfront. There was some mold/mildew forming in a storage closet. So, I grabbed my Splish Splash and it worked great! In a matter of hours, no more smell! GREAT PRODUCT!"

John Angle, Pastor, Waterfront Community Church


“Before Splish Splash, we had to use two products to get the desired results. Now we use one product, which not only gives us better results, but also saves money.”

J.H., General Manager, Fire & Water Restoration Company

"We've enjoyed our hot tub for six years now, use it every month in the year (Yes, even during the Illinois winters!) and Splish Splash has proven itself a faithful friend, keeping it running smooth, clear and smelling nice!"  

Sarah D. - Illinois