Virtual Warehouse Shipping & Storage Solution for Multi-Location Customers

Storage facility


You have a business to run.

Shipping & Storage Services by CleanMatters365 help you focus on running your business most efficiently by alleviating the distractions and high cost of storage and handling.

Our goal is to empower you to maintain a safe, clean and welcoming environment for your customers and employees by providing seamless product fulfillment whether you have one, two or 122 locations.

Whether you manage a Beauty Salon, Hydrotherapy Clinic or Fitness Center, storing gallons of products, moving them around and managing the inventory can become a time-consuming hassle.  And costly too, because storage isn’t free... UNTIL NOW!

No Extra Shipping or Storage Charges

Now you can offload all the handling and storage to CleanMatters365 and we will ship your product "on schedule” or “on-demand” according to your pre-arranged plan, and there are no extra charges for storage or shipping. 

It's as Easy as 1-2-3

#1:  First, you process an order for 6-12 months’ supply of Splish Splash One-Step Disinfectant and leave it with us (minimum 18 cases.)  We segregate and store your products in our secure, climate-controlled storage facility until you're ready for them.

UPS truck and delivery man

#2:  Then, as needs dictate, you release the product for delivery to any location in the Lower 48.

#3:  We process orders 6 days a week and ship exclusively via UPS Ground so your products will arrive within 2-3 days.

Shipping is charged to your card as you release the product for shipment. We provide a Shipping Summary for your records each month.


If you are interested in discussing this program and how it can benefit your business, please complete this form and I’ll contact you shortly.

Or you can call (779) 800-6920. If you get voice mail, just remember to leave your time zone and the best time to return your call.  We do our best to respond within minutes or hours.

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