BRUISED & REDUCED - Pedicure Basin Cleaner - Case of 12 Quarts (1 case left)

BRUISED & REDUCED - Pedicure Basin Cleaner - Case of 12 Quarts (1 case left)

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Pedicure Basin Cleaner – Quart
(This product contains bleach and is intended for use in pedicure basins only)

This product in not EPA approved. For our multi-use EPA approved cleaner and disinfectant designed for pedicure basins and salons, refer to our One-Step Disinfectant product line on the home page.

This product is an economical application for cleaning and deodorizing pedicure basins only.

Specially formulated agents insure that all dirt, grime, minerals and calcium deposits are drained completely from the basin. It cleans or removes stains from algae mold mildew or other non public health organisms – leaving the pedicure basin truly cleaned and ready for the next customer.

Splish Splash Pedicure basin cleaner eliminates iron content in the water. Iron is a major roadblock for a cleaning agent’s effectiveness found in all water.

One-half ounce (1/2 oz.) of patented Splish Splash between customers will eliminate the dirt, grime, minerals, calcium deposits, mold, and other non-public organisms in your pedicure basin jets, pipes and pump.  With a dilution rate of one ounce per 10 gallons of water and with an average pedicure basin holding five gallons of water, a one quart bottle of Splish Splash Pedicure basin cleaner will deliver a whopping 64 applications per bottle.

FROM THE LABEL: "Splish Splash® Pedicure Basin Jet & Pipe Cleaner cleans, deodorizes, conditions and maintains the entire Pedicure Basin.  It cleans or removes stains from algae, mold, mildew and other non-public health organisms. It breaks down hard water deposits and other foreign matter that builds up in jets, pump and pipes that lie within the walls of your tub."