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            When used as directed, One-Step is effective on virtually all hard non-porous surfaces in your facility against hundreds of bacteria and viruses including the virus that causes COVID-19.  

            This product is also widely used to clean, disinfect and sanitize pedicure basins between customers and for deep cleaning.

            Classified as a hospital-grade cleaner, disinfectant, sanitizer (non-food contact), bactericide, viricide, fungicide and is effective for mold and mildew control.  

    • Clear and odorless

    • No rinsing required, leaves no film behind

    • Safe on expensive furniture, fixtures and equipment, all hard non-porous surfaces

    • Does not stain or discolor any hard non-porous surface

    • Widely used for foot spa disinfection between customers and for deep cleaning

    • Economical dilution factor of 128:1 gallons or spray bottle refills from concentrate 

    • EPA Registered. Registered in all 50 States. Meets State and Local Health Department Regulations.

Common applications include:

Reception furniture
Pedicure chairs
Pedicure foot spa disinfection between customers
Sterilization jar
Bathroom facilities including floors, mirrors, commode
Vanity tops and sinks
Windows and mirrors
Laminate surfaces
Glazed porcelain
Door knobs
Washable walls
Employee kitchen
Stainless Steel
Tables, chairs and desks
Exterior surfaces of appliances-
Non-food glass surfaces
Hard non-porous surfaces