When Clean Really Matters

     Splish Splash One-Step Disinfectant is the EPA Registered Disinfectant widely used in America's finest nail salons and day spas.  With a very competitive price-point, One-Step is powerful and effective against a long list of bacteria and viruses, from floor to ceiling, around your salon. 

     That is why Continuum Corporation and J&A USA, Inc. specify Splish Splash as the recommended solution for the care and maintenance of their premium pedicure spas.  

     Our patented Hot Tub & Spa and Whirlpool Tub Cleaner and Deodorizer solutions (not EPA Registered) have their own niche in the fitness, hospitality and residential spaces.  Wherever they're found, jetted tubs can be seamlessly maintained during your regular routines with Splish Splash Cleaners.

     Learn more below.

Splish Splash Cleaners & Disinfectants 

Nail Salons

One-Step is effective disinfectant on all hard non-porous surfaces. EPA Registered.  Disinfect pedicure basins.

Splish Splash meets the expectations of even the most demanding customers. Your clients will appreciate the cleanliness of your space, while you remain confident you're providing the best environment for your customers.

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Pedicure Basin Care

One-Step is effective disinfectant on all hard non-porous surfaces. EPA Registered.  Disinfect pedicure basins.

What our customers are saying:
"After testing Splish Splash... we are very confident it's a real winner. And, as an added bonus, it's less expensive than others on the market. (No offensive smell either!) … and it has other uses within the salon. It is highly concentrated so a little goes a long way.

Needless to say, Continuum strongly recommends Splish Splash One-Step Disinfectant as the product of choice when disinfecting our pedicure chairs. In my humble opinion, Splish Splash will become the most widely used product on the market for taking care of pedicure chair basins."

- Joe Galati, President & CEO, Continuum Corporation

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High Touch Points

One-Step is effective disinfectant on all hard non-porous surfaces. EPA Registered.  Disinfect all high touch surfaces

At an economical price point, One-Step cleans and disinfects all hard non-porous surfaces from floor-to-ceiling throughout the facility, including furniture, fixtures, bathroom facilities and metal and plastic tools-of-the-trade.

What our customers are saying:
"I just wanted to let you know that we had a roof leak last week at Waterfront. There was some mold/mildew forming in a storage closet. So, I grabbed my Splish Splash and it worked great! In a matter of hours, no more smell!  GREAT PRODUCT!" - John Angle, Pastor, Waterfront Community Church

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Rest Rooms

Splish Splash One-Step Disinfectant will not stain or discolor expensive finishes while effectively cleaning and disinfecting all high-touch surfaces. It is EPA Registered and listed on List N, the EPA’s listing of products that kill all variants of the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19). 

What our customers are saying:
“Before Splish Splash, we had to use two products to get the desired results. Now we use one product, which not only gives us better results, but also saves money.” - Jim H., General Manager, Fire & Water Restoration Company 

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Hot Tub & Spa

Whirlpool Tub System

Hidden within the walls of Hot Tubs and Whirlpools is a system of pumps, jets and piping that deliver a great soak at the end of the day, but between uses can become a laboratory for all kinds of bacteria, viruses and fungi that is not only sets up a potentially unsanitary environment but also sets up a smelly environment.  

"We use our hot tub out on the deck year-round (even in the wintertime here in Minneapolis!) and have faithfully used Splish Splash to keep the tub's inner workings clean and odor free.  Great peace of mind, too.  Just as advertised!  Thank you Splish Splash! - Michael & Joy, Minneapolis, MN

“Splish Splash is easily the best thing I've used to clean our whirlpool at home. After two cleanings I have had no issues with black dirt, mold, etc. Easy to use and it did a great job. Highly recommended for anyone with a whirlpool bathtub at home.” - David Crosson